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Our Story

We started using SendOutCards in December, 2014, as a marketing tool for our home renovation company domilya GROUP. We began sharing the tool with our friends and family and soon decided to sign up as a distributor to get a 20% discount.

We started making money really fast and were able to move up levels quickly. It took us three days to reach manager level, and then 45 days later we became senior managers.

We find SendOutCards an exceptional and unique tool for marketing and networking. We are constantly meeting with people in the home renovation industry and love having a way to personally thank them for their time. Whether we are meeting with realtors, kitchen appliance suppliers, contractors or potential clients, we can use the mobile app on our phone to send a card to show our appreciation. It’s so convenient, we even use it right after leaving a meeting, typing a heartfelt message in the moment and arranging for a card and/or a gift to be sent. They’re not expecting it and it leaves a great impression!

Recipients of SendOutCards gifts have even asked us to show them how we made the cards, and they often start using the service themselves.

While SendOutCards is a great tool for celebrating holidays, birthdays or simply saying “I’m thinking of you,” we believe business people will find it especially useful.

We made one of our biggest contacts with SendOutCards. Domilya GROUP was meeting with a big-name potential client and was competing with other contractors to get the job. We had a meeting with the client, followed up, made a phone call, thanked them for their time and the opportunity, and used SendOutCards to touch them – sending a card and brownies. Later, as meetings continued, we again followed up, made another phone call to say thanks, and sent another thank-you gift through SendOutCards. Domilya GROUP got the job.

People appreciate when you follow up this way. It touches them and makes them feel you’re the right person for the job, that you care and are taking that extra little bit of effort to make a difference in their day.

There are “huge opportunities” with SendOutCards.

Did you know you can send cards and gifts straight from your mobile phone?

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