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Build great long-term relationships

We’ve all heard how important networking is, but sometimes it’s hard to figure out practical ways to actually do it – how do we actually network?

Well, a big part of networking is building relationships. Relationships with your staff, your clients, your suppliers, your community, potential clients … the list goes on.

SendOut Cards is an excellent tool to help you both build and maintain the important relationships in your business.

  • Say thank you: Whether it’s thanking guests who attended your recent event, someone who did business with you, someone who made a connection for you with someone else or someone who set aside time to listen to your presentation, saying thank you in a stand-out way can make all the difference in building a lasting business relationship.
  • Celebrate holidays: Commemorate holidays, the new year, and, if applicable, your clients’/contacts’ birthdays.
  • Celebrate company milestones: Use anniversaries or achievements as ways to keep your contacts in the loop and promote your business at the same time.
  • Congratulate and appreciate your staff: Birthdays, new babies, marriages, employee of the month, whatever the occasion, a SendOut Card can be the perfect way to show your staffers you are aware of, and care about, their lives and their accomplishments.
  • Show sympathy: Nobody wants to “go there” but we have to acknowledge that unhappy things happen to. If it feels appropriate to you based on the individual relationship, send a card and/or flowers or a gift to show sympathy to a client, employee, or contact who is going through a tough time. Strong relationships have to be able to weather the storms too.
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