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Create a genuine network

Everyone talks about networking and there are all kinds of tips and tricks out there, but perhaps the most important key to remember when creating your network is to be genuine.

Yes, of course, networking will benefit your business and, in theory, make you more successful. So, the base motive behind networking could be seen as just a business move, something impersonal. But it should be personal. And the connections you make should be genuine – don’t just talk to someone because you think they’ll buy your product or service. Don’t just make small talk because you want to hurry the conversation so you can get to making your sales pitch. Be honestly interested in the person you’re talking to – and listen. Be yourself, not a fake persona – be you and be honest. Be focused on making a connection with the person, not just building a business contact.

SendOutCards is one tool you can use to help create these meaningful relationships. By sending personalized thank-you cards, specifically chosen gifts and more, you’re able to craft a token of your appreciation that is completely unique to the individual you’re sending it to.

You can say a simple “It was lovely to meet you” with a card, or send off a box of brownies and a card to say “Thanks for coming to my event.” Whatever the occasion, large or small, showing your genuine interest in the person and expressing gratitude and appreciation for what they’ve done will go a long way in making a long-term connection. Good luck!

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