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Say ‘Happy Holidays’ with SendOutCards

Online greeting cards are a great and easy way to stay in touch with people far and wide, but SendOutCards takes that to the next level – we offer you the convenience of being able to send a greeting card online (you choose everything with just a couple of clicks) and then we take care of the rest, printing, stamping and mailing a physical card to your recipient. With just the click of a button you can give a personalized, physical gift to someone you care about.

So with the holidays just around the corner, this convenient system couldn’t be more helpful. It’s the busiest time of the year and it’s so easy to forget one of the millions of things you already have on your to-do list, like sending your holiday cards. Let us help!

To save you time, you can do all this just with the click of a button: Choose your custom greeting card, add a personal photo, write your unique message, and finally, click send. Then you can rest assured that a physical version of the card you just personalized is on its way to your recipient.

With SendOutCards you can send a basic greeting or kick it up a notch and add a box of brownies, some chocolates, cookies, a candle, a notebook set, and more.

Whatever your goal – whether you want to stay in contact with friends and family, continue to build your professional network over the holiday season, or simply say thank you to your employees – a personal touch makes all the difference. It lets people know you’re thinking about them, and you didn’t just send the same generic card to everyone – you took the time (just a couple of clicks, that is!) to create something personalized just for that one person, and have it physically delivered to their door.

If you’d like to let SendOutCards help you send personalized, unique greeting cards to all your contacts this holiday season, feel free to browse our card catalogue here for tons of options, then personalize your own card! And for more help getting through the holidays, check out the SendOutCards holiday checklist!

For more information on everything you can do with SendOutCards, click here!




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